TinyWall is a very small firewall for Windows that unlike Zonealarm doesn’t bother you trying to pay for an upgrade. This firewall is free and is only 1 MB in size, and has way more options than Zonealarm ever has had. If you really want to have complete control over the network activity on your computer this is the one stop software for blocking hackers. Also it works on Windows 10

A Firewall for Windows 10!

Prefer to use Windows’ own firewall? TinyWall will give you full control

TinyWall is better known for what it doesn’t do than what it does: unlike some products it doesn’t interrupt you with pop-up warnings about what seems to be every second bit of data. It’s designed to improve Windows’ own firewall features without requiring any expert knowledge, and while it offers the same whitelisting features as other packages – to ensure that the apps you use can get online without any difficulty – it does it through hotkeys or lists rather than pop-ups.

TinyWall only takes up about 1MB on your hard drive, and is a very useful addition if you decide to stick with Windows’ built-in security tool.