Opera Mail

OverviewWhat is Opera Mail

A flexible open source email client from the makers of the Opera browser

The developers of Opera have always considered email to be a key feature of any good browser, and have poured a great deal of effort into developing Opera Mail.

Its features include message templates – particularly handy for business use – message filtering and sorting, message sorting by type and a wide range of customisation options.
The client also imports RSS feeds, making it a good alternative to web apps like Feedly and the much-missed Google Reader.

Opera Mail – Email client
A lightweight, customizable mail client.
Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client.
Reading, labeling, and filtering messages has never been so easy.
More efficient mail
The way you read mail just got better. Elegant tabs allow you to view multiple emails messages at once and navigate between them with ease.
Work smarter, not harder
Threads help you smartly organize your mail. Keep up with the context of any mail thread, and quickly view previous messages in the conversation.
Sort messages intuitively
Labels allow you to sort your messages quickly. Take control of your inbox and set simple rules to sort mail automatically.
Keep up with your favorites
Opera Mail’s built-in feed reader provides automatic notification of updates to your favorite websites.

eM Client

OverviewWHAT IS eM Client
eM Client is an email client (as you could probably guess from the name) which is produced for Windows.
It’s a smart looking program which has won awards in the past, and this is a free piece of software, which is always a major boon.
As well as email, it covers calendar and to-do bases, plus there’s a built-in chat facility (although chat can be detached into a separate window, should you wish). The chat feature supports three major messaging services – Google Talk and Facebook, along with Jabber – and also offers file transfers.

Translation, encryption and templates
The program’s smooth and streamlined interface sits atop an expansive range of features including advanced email rules, message encryption, template emails and signatures, a full spell-checker, and a built-in translator for when you receive messages in a foreign language (which might not be often – but this is a thoughtful Bing-powered extra when you do).
There’s a “superfast search” feature that lets you swiftly locate emails or specific attachments snappily, and touch devices are supported as well. When you turn on touch mode, the interface is automatically adjusted to be roomier, with more distance between icons, to enable the program to be more at home on your tablet or hybrid touchscreen device.
There’s plenty of depth in the roster when it comes to contact management, too, with users able to select custom contact views and easily search or merge contacts. There’s a full communication history provided for each contact, and a large number of contact data fields for those who really need to go into details.

Google Calendar support
The calendar module offers multiple views, and users can share calendars and tasks with others. You can also send meeting invitations and confirm attendance at said meetings, and plenty more besides.
eM Client promises thorough support of various types of email accounts, including POP and IMAP of course, and there’s also support of Google Apps and Exchange, allowing for the syncing of mail, contacts and calendars.

Import your emails
If you’re coming from another email client, a quick and easy transition is promised with a slick importing process from the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.
Note that while the software is free for personal use. If you want support for more than two email accounts, you’ll have to pay for the premium version

A fast, free email client for Windows with brilliant features like built-in translation and contact merging
Support for a wide range of email providers, plus integrated chat

eM Client has been kicking around for nearly 10 years now, and its long development has made it one of the best email apps for Windows.

The free version is limited to non-commercial use and two email accounts, but otherwise it’s identical to the paid-for edition.
eM Client includes support for Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and Outlook.com, touch controls, fast searching and integrated calendaring and contacts. There’s an integrated chat app too, with support for common standards such as Jabber and Google Chat, and it’s a good alternative to heavyweight apps like Outlook.