The Best Free Download Manager


Everyone downloads a lot of stuff from the internet. Be it softwares, videos, music, documents, images, you fill your hard drive with all of this. To track and manage all these downloads is a daunting task, and having a clean workspace to organize all these downloadable content is the need of the hour. This is where a download manager comes to the rescue, also accelerating your downloads all the way.
Get your music, movies and torrents faster with the smartest download management software
The best free download manager

Older internet users will remember the pain of downloads: you’d spend a few days trying to download a GIF of a cat, only for the connection to drop when someone else picked up the phone. Download managers were essential, because they enabled you to resume broken downloads and make the darn things download faster too.

Dedicated managers and accelerators are still relevant today, especially if you’re prone to downloading enormous operating system ISOs or trying to get your videos via unreliable Wi-Fi. These are our favorite apps for taming traffic, boosting BitTorrent and managing media downloads.