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  • Tools for architectural design, MEP, and structural engineering
  • Revit is available in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
  • Available for Windows 64-bit

Tools for all phases of the building lifecycle, from design to construction
Interoperable tools to support collaboration
The latest innovative software and cloud technologies for building projects

Design and construction software
Revit is a single software application that supports a BIM workflow from concept to construction. Use Revit to model designs with precision, optimize performance, and collaborate more effectively.


Parametric components
Express design intent at increasingly detailed levels using parametric components. The basis for all building components designed in Revit, parametric components offer an open, graphical system for design and form-making.
Use parametric components for the most elaborate assemblies, such as cabinetry and equipment, as well as for the most elementary building parts, such as walls and columns. No programming language or coding is required.

Enable teams to choose a more effective way to collaborate and interact based on their workflow and project requirements. Worksharing distributes the power of the parametric building modeling environment across the project team. Users of Revit software from multiple disciplines can share the same intelligent building information model and save their work to a central file.

Worksharing in Revit provides a complete range of collaboration modes from entirely on-the-fly, simultaneous access to the shared model, to the formal division of the project into discrete shared units, to complete separation of project elements or systems into individually managed linked models.

Bidirectional associativity
Minimize errors and omissions with the ability to store all model information in a single coordinated database. Revisions and alterations to information are automatically updated throughout the model. The Revit parametric change engine automatically coordinates changes made anywhere—in model views, drawing sheets, schedules, sections, and plans.