Stop tracking cookies monitoring your browsing

You may not realise it, but your surfing habits are probably being tracked by dozens of websites keen to sell you their products. These tracking cookies are not malicious, but you may not want Amazon and friends collecting your data and knowing exactly what you’re thinking of buying. That’s where Ghostery comes in. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android and iOS, and its job is to block the various tracking systems that attempt to follow you around the internet to sell you stuff.
You can simply install it and let it get on with its job, but looking at each site’s Ghostery report is a real eye-opener: some sites have so many different trackers and advertising networks it’s a miracle their pages ever load. Ghostery also tells you exactly what each company is looking at and likely to do with your data, so if you’d rather not share every click with marketers, its a must-have.


Ghostery is absolutely free. We won’t ever bug you to donate money. Instead, you can help make Ghostery better by donating some data. Not data about you — data about the trackers you see and where you see them.

Sharing your data with us is completely anonymous and voluntary. Everything we collect — from the trackers identified through Ghostery to the pages where trackers were found to the tracker positions on pages (and more) — helps us keep Ghostery free and helps us keep it awesome.

To enable our opt-in, click on the the “Options” button in the Ghostery setting and follow the instructions. To learn how we make money at Ghostery.