Education Products

Education Products
Students, teachers and academic institutions worldwide are eligible for free* access to Autodesk software. Yes, free. We genuinely believe in education.
Autodesk is investing in education
Autodesk is committed to equipping you with tools and resources to help you achieve academic and future career success.

Access the same design software and creativity apps used by industry leaders worldwide, and start to imagine, design and create a better world.
Are you an aspiring designer, engineer, digital artist, maker, other? Autodesk believes in you, so we’re giving you free access to the tools you need to succeed.
Teachers are eligible for free access to Autodesk software and teaching resources to help students succeed academically and in their future careers.
See how teachers are embracing this opportunity.
Academic institutions**
Inspire, engage and prepare your students to achieve their full potential and become skilled high school and university graduates. Add Autodesk software and resources to your curriculum today.